Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Chen, Hong Sheng Che, Guo Hua Zhang, Lina Wang

Abstract: This study aimed to explore the influence of intention of Internet use, gender and grade on Internet use, adolescents’ mental health and the...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Zheng Wei Qiu, Dong Dong Wang, Zheng Wei Yang, Lu Zhu

Abstract: Defects in the specimen of missile engine shell was detected by thermal wave image technology in this paper. In order to gain intuitionistic...

Authors: Ting Wang, Hao Xun Tan, Ren Ren Liu

Abstract: Generally, when we optimize the object code of expression in source program, we get the optimizing code in the binary tree of this...

Authors: Ming Kui Zheng, Kai Xiong Su, Xiu Zhi Yang

Abstract: This paper proposes a scheme of H.264 high-definition encoder/transcoder . The system is based on ASIC. Application-specific high-definition...

Authors: Hong Di Ke

Abstract: This paper studies Natural sciences Academic research level Appraisal method. first, Reference a large number of relevant scientific...

Authors: Ke Fei Wang, Hong Chang Ke

Abstract: Intelligent tracking system based on video recording problem is a key technique in computer vision and research focus, a lot of engineering...

Authors: Ying Hua Yang, Lin Peng, Xiao Bo Chen, Xiao Zhi Liu

Abstract: In this paper, 48 BP neural networks in series connection are constructed to predict the slab temperature, giving full consideration to the...

Authors: Ming Zhi Qu, Gui Rong Weng

Abstract: Contemporary computed tomography (CT) technology offers the better potential of screening for the early detection of lung cancer than the...

Authors: Ning Wei, Chao Hu, Qing He, Wei Liu, Q. H. Meng

Abstract: Geometric constraints have an essential significance for point correspondence in computer vision systems. Traditional epipolar constraint in...

Authors: Rong Hua Li, Li Yang, Jia Wei Li

Abstract: In this paper, split-step backward Euler method for stochastic delay Hopfield neural networks with Markovian switching is considered. The...


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