Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Ping Zhu, Xiao Dong Zhao, Sheng Lin Xu

Abstract: Effective control of the endpoint steel temperature and contents of carbon, sulphur, etc. is one of the main tasks of BOF steelmaking...

Authors: Han Xing Liu, Ling Zeng, Cai Xing Liu

Abstract: In the question-answer system aimed at course learning, the serial questions asked by user should not be processed respectively, but need to...

Authors: Lei Yu, Zhi Yong Liu, Dong Rui Fan, Yi Ke Ma, Feng Long Song, Xiao Chun Ye, Wei Zhi Xu

Abstract: With the development of the computing ability of many-core processor, the acceleration of parallel programs on many-core has become the...

Authors: Ming Li, Zhen Hong Xiao, Zan Fu Xie, Xiao Yun Mo

Abstract: As a software component which is capable of learning in an autonomous way, software agent should have the capability of learning in a...

Authors: Cheng Xian Pan, Rui Peng, Jun Li Wang, Qing Lu

Abstract: Object-Oriented Stochastic Petri Net (OOSPN) is utilized concerning the complexity of container terminal tridimensional rail transmission...

Authors: Zhi Jing Yu, Jia Shi

Abstract: A method of decoding ring marks and EO device was presented in this paper. Also the GSI coded targets had been analyzed and a new type of...

Authors: Ze Yu Weng, Gan Xiang, Geng Yuan Gao, Hong Gang Ding

Abstract: Performance test rig of the electric nail gun consists of five parts and the key one of which is the loading mechanism. By...

Authors: Yan Cui, Yin Sheng Wei, Xiao Guo Song, Rong Qing Xu

Abstract: Since the existence of the ionosphere contamination, results of high-frequency radar has been greatly affected. This paper addresses a new...

Authors: Wei Ning Tang

Abstract: Under condition of mass customization collaborative logistics chain for optimized configuration, taking quality, cost, time and...

Authors: Xin Rui Gao, Yong Chuan Zhang

Abstract: By using Bezier surface matrix formula and Bezier surface control points and through merging different Bezier surfaces, the car model was...


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