Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Wei Chen, Shuo Yang Geng

Abstract: The work of Web Service verification mainly concentrated in testing service functional correctness, the non-functioning attribute...

Authors: Sheng Yuan Yang, Nina Peng, Shi Shu

Abstract: The GIF image files have high compression ratio, less disk space, fast transmission, etc., which are widely used in the Internet. However,...

Authors: Xin Liu, Ren Ren Liu, Wen Jing He

Abstract: To solving Chinese text categorization, a fast algorithm is proposed. The basic idea of the algorithm is: first constructs a weighted value...

Authors: Chang Zhen Shi, Zhen Song Wang

Abstract: Echo data generated by Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has the characteristics of high data rate and huge data quantity. However, the complex...

Authors: Jin Qu Zhang

Abstract: Macao city located in the Pearl River delta, China, was chosen to study the effect of urban heat island and its time-series analysis of land...

Authors: Tai Xiong Zheng, Yu Mei Jia, Qian Min Li, Ya Ge Zhao

Abstract: A visualization car ABS simulation platform is presented with aid of the advanced computer technology. Based on the overall framework design...

Authors: Shi Jun Zhang, Yuan Cai

Abstract: A new method was proposed to solve multi-attribute group decision-making problems with natural language assessment information. In this...

Authors: Hong Wen Xu

Abstract: In this paper,a novel class of Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with inverse Hlder neuron activation functions is presented. By employing the...

Authors: Fuh Der Chou, Hui Mei Wang

Abstract: This paper considers parallel batch-processing machine problems with compatible job family, dynamic job arrivals, and non-identical job...

Authors: Jia Long, Xiu Mei Zhang, Long Zhao

Abstract: A fast and simple calibration method based on vanishing point is carried out to overcome the disadvantage of low efficiency and operation...


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