Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Long Li, Zhao Lin Li, Qing Wei Zheng

Abstract: Double precision floating point matrix operations are wildly used in a variety of engineering and scientific computing applications....

Authors: Yong Wang, Quan Lu Li

Abstract: In order to reduce the field of the acoustic radiation and improve the efficiency of energy using, a new-style ultrasonic linear array is...

Authors: Min Chie Chiu

Abstract: Recently, research on new mufflers lined with sound-absorbing material has been addressed in the industrial field. On the basis of the...

Authors: You Rui Huang, Li Guo Qu

Abstract: Image segmentation is the basis of image analysis, and because of its simplicity, rapidity and stability, the threshold method is the...

Authors: Feng Qin Wang, Heng Jin Ke

Abstract: Based on the well-defined UML2.0 activity diagram, a meta-model based on Control Flow Diagram is presented. And our strategy in this article...

Authors: Jian Qiang Zhou

Abstract: Aiming at the Multi-layer leather cutting machine,for the more thicker material paved on the table,the cutting resistance are increased and...

Authors: Fu Hong Zeng, Lan Hua Zhou

Abstract: In order to get a feasible better machining path for holes machining, which could be used to the NC (Numerical Control) programming, the...

Authors: Hai Hong Li, Yong Hui Chen, Shan Guo Guo

Abstract: Taken the computer case as an example, dynamics modeling and analysis of a thin shell structure is presented in this paper. Optimization is...

Authors: Yi Yong Yao, Li Ping Zhao

Abstract: For the flexible three-dimensional microstructure, the GMC single-cell method was applied to establish the mechanical model of the bending...

Authors: Ting Wei Chen, Jun Miao

Abstract: To enforce consistency and reliability of web services composite at run-time, solving exception is to ensure the transaction atomicity...


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