Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Wang, Si Er Chen

Abstract: Re-design is a new concept based on visual-thinking, which not only emphasis more on apperceive of objects with vision system, but also for...

Authors: Luminita State, Catalina Cocianu, Panayiotis Vlamos

Abstract: Training a SVM corresponds to solving a linearly constrained quadratic problem (QP) in a number of variables equal to the number of data...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Wang, Jin Bao Jian, Xiang Jun Zeng, Li Hong Long

Abstract: Many power distribution systems have been operated with neutral ineffectively earthed, and earth fault current is no more than a few tens of...

Authors: Li Chi Yuan

Abstract: Category-based statistic language model is an important method to solve the problem of sparse data. But there are two bottlenecks about this...

Authors: Yong Qian Zheng, Sheng Nan Yu, Pei Min Jiang

Abstract: In Insurance industry, data redundancy is an extremely common problem in the population statistics. As a result a satisfactory clustering...

Authors: Lin Chen, Wan Zhong Sun, Xing Yuan Chen, Chao Zhou

Abstract: The modular inversion is an essential and the most time consuming arithmetic operation in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). This paper...

Authors: Fu Fang Li, Fei Luo, Jian Xiong Wang, De Yu Qi, Guo Wen Xie

Abstract: Research on nodes localization in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has been a hot spot in recent years. How to improve the reliability and...

Authors: Feng Ye, Gui Chen Xu, Di Kang Zhu

Abstract: This paper reviews several current methods of calculating buffer on the basis of pointing out each merits and pitfalls and then introduces...

Authors: Cong Xi Cheng, Zhe Bin Ji, Lan Xiang

Abstract: The rapid development of information technology has offered a very good chance for the development of travel industry, there is a great...

Authors: Dong Mei Yan, Cheng Hua Lu

Abstract: This paper analyzed the principle and insufficient of traditional simulated annealing algorithm, and on the basis of the traditional...


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