Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Xin Wang, Qiu Lin Tan, Jing Ming Li

Abstract: Signal generator is an integral part of the electronic system, determines the system performance. With the rapid development of...

Authors: Chuan Feng Li, Yong Ji Wang, Yun Xing Shu, Zhi Shen Wang

Abstract: In an actual system, the effects of nonlinear factors are inevitable. So in real practice, when a model for complex system is being built,...

Authors: Fang Ying Shen, Andrew S. Chang

Abstract: Coordination has been regarded as a critical factor of successful projects. Because construction projects are highly fragmented with many...

Authors: Tao Du, Xiang Bin Liu, Xing Lu Pang

Abstract: A MILP model for optimization of byproduct gas supply in the iron and steel making process is proposed. This model can make the holder...

Authors: Hang Liu, Hong Hu, Xing Wei Zhang

Abstract: The method of using ultrasonic heating to aid high precision moulding of micro features has been studies. The study developed a method of...

Authors: Xiao Wen Song, Kai Yuan Cao, Zhong Rui Chen, Ke Shen

Abstract: Since the Savonius rotor has a low starting torque and is adaptable for wind in various directions, it has received great attention in the...

Authors: Xing You Huang, Ya Zong Zhu, Ling Bing Bu, Heng Chi Lei

Abstract: Probe of Cloud Droplet (CDP) based on forward scattering has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple structure, and it is the main...

Authors: Tong Wang, Jian Wang, Li Hua Hu

Abstract: A new method for the prediction of protein quaternary structure is constructed based on Isomap (Isometric feature mapping) algorithm, which...

Authors: Tong Wang, An Bao Wang, Qing Hua Huang

Abstract: In this study, a novel sequence encoding scheme is introduced by fusing PseAA and PSSM. However, this sequence encoding scheme would...

Authors: Kuan Pei Lee, Andrew S. Chang

Abstract: This study proposed an integration process to incorporate sustainability issues into engineering design for construction projects. To...


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