Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Zhang, Xiao Hu Zhao, Cai Juan Li

Abstract: Soft sensing can solve the problem of on-line measuring for some variables which are difficult to measure with common instruments...

Authors: Yan Chen Shin, Yi Cheng Huang, Jen Ai Chao

Abstract: This paper proposes a diagnosis method of ball screw preload loss through the Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) and Multiscale entropy (MSE)...

Authors: Cheng Bo Hu, Xiaoou Liu

Abstract: The key and prerequisite of realizing the revitalization of old industrial bases are to further deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises...

Authors: Feng Lan Hu, Yu Lan Cheng, Zheng He

Abstract: It is very difficult ot process the micro-deep hole, especially the hole made of hard guilder alloy, heat resisting alloy by classical...

Authors: Heng Wang, Jin Chang Hou

Abstract: For achieving better environmental performance of products or product systems, it is essential to manage total product life cycle. This...

Authors: Qiu Zhong Zhou, Hao Yu Zha

Abstract: In the concurrent and collaborative product development process, the realization of quantitative analysis and overall control of the...

Authors: Chun Chia Lee

Abstract: This study investigated the characteristics of organizational and management factors of safety climate and explored possible important...

Authors: Juan He, Li Wei Kang, Zhong Hua Ma

Abstract: Given the ambiguity, complexity and subjectivity of credit risk among SMEs, this paper is going to adopt FCE method to have a comprehensive...

Authors: Juan He, Xin Wang, Zhong Hua Ma

Abstract: This paper analyses the risk factors of inventory finacing, establishes path diagram and the structural equation model on relations between...

Authors: Xiao Li Wang

Abstract: Along with electronics technique of development rapidly, SCM has become essential tool to the development of modern electronic technology....


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