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Authors: Min Huang
Abstract:A new distributed computer system used for real-time monitoring and protecting of mine steel-cord belt conveyor is developed and introduced...
Authors: Liang Dong
Abstract:The paper applies the location quotient method to analyze the position of the industry in Wuhan and expounds its outside environments and...
Authors: Xin Qi, De C. Zuo, Zhan Zhang, Xiao Zong Yang
Abstract:Importance measures are widely used to characterize the contribution of components to the system performance such as reliability,...
Authors: Yi Feng, Zhan Zhang, Jun Qian, De Cheng Zuo, Xiao Zong Yang
Abstract:Availability is one of the key features for transaction processing systems. Fault injection is one of the important techniques to hasten...
Authors: Yong Shan Liu, Jia Jin Li, Yun Yun Chen
Abstract:Handle official business specifically for at present mature business system is moving the aspect deficiency, be applied or used universally...
Authors: Di Wu, Zhao Zheng
Abstract:In real world, high-dimensional data are everywhere, but the nature structure behind them is always featured by only a few parameters. With...
Authors: Yu Bin Guo, Cheng You Li, Min Zhang
Abstract:Process composition with shared resources is a kind of composition that all participants share common resources that cannot be consumed and...
Authors: Chun Quan Li, Chun Yang Hu, Yan Wei Wang, Pan Feng Zhu
Abstract:A new type of networked manufacturing — cloud manufacturing is forming and developing with the development of information technology and...
Authors: Xin Ning Liu, Shu Fang Lu, Li Li Tan
Abstract:A highly efficient, single-port SRAM-based loop filter based on H.264 is presented. Hybrid edge filtering order, efficient memory...
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