Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Cheng Nie, Jing Yao, Dong Yun Yi

Abstract: Based on the mixed and heterogeneous constellation characteristics of the COMPASS navigation system, the weighted dilution of precision...

Authors: Shu Ru Liu, Xing Kui Wang

Abstract: Rationality of the industrial structure is the essence of the economic development, as well as the key to promote the sustainable, steady,...

Authors: Ai Lin Zheng, Zhen Sheng Tao

Abstract: Industrialization, information technology is a process of change of social capital. China's traditional social capital are mainly within the...

Authors: Li Chao Xu

Abstract: Сylinder head bolts’ tightening torque had a direct impact on engine body vibration. With necessary vibration test hardware, we applied the...

Authors: Shi Bin Song, Qi Song, Tao Zhong

Abstract: Demographic dividend has contributed a lot to Chinese economic growth during the past 30 years. However, in recent years, the increase of...

Authors: Cong Jun Rao, Yue Zheng

Abstract: Auctions usually involve the sale of many homogeneous or heterogeneous objects. Spectrum, treasury, and electricity auctions are examples....

Authors: Cong Jun Rao, Huan Bin Liu

Abstract: In new product development, the asymmetric information between the firms and developers is inherent. It always leads to failure for choosing...

Authors: Xiao Wen Tang, Xin Chun Shang, Li Yun Li

Abstract: The bending problem of elastic bimetal beam simply supported under homogeneous load has been investigated. A theoretical model has been used...

Authors: Guo Rui Feng, Jing Zheng, Ya Feng Ren, Cong Ming Zhong, Li Xun Kang

Abstract: Work out control measures for pillar upward mining of left-over coal, in view of coal floor movement, this paper analyzes theoretical...

Authors: Meng Zhuo Bai

Abstract: This paper studies multiple suppliers’ supply chain scheduling problem. A precise mathematical scheduling model is first built. Moreover,...


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