Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Hong Suo

Abstract: In this paper, an SIQS epidemic model with infection age and generally nonlinear contract rate is formulated. The existence and asymptotic...

Authors: Lei Yu, Zhi Yong Liu, Dong Rui Fan, Yike Ma, Feng Long Song, Xiao Chun Ye, Wei Zhi Xu

Abstract: Streaming program is an important application of large-scale parallel processing. The common parallel method for streaming program is not...

Authors: Shi Li

Abstract: To interpret the role of information technology (IT) in China’s economy, the paper focuses on examining the growth contribution from...

Authors: Shi Li

Abstract: While researches focused on the role of information technology in Chinese economic growth in recent years, there has little research on...

Authors: Xiao Bo Shi, Mei Lin

Abstract: The resources problems, caused by the coal construction projects in our country, brought about an increasing pressure to the coal production...

Authors: Ze Yu Weng, Li Ka Fang, De Jie Huang, Bo Lu

Abstract: The life estimation of car hub bearing is based on the life theory of Rolling bearing, axis load and radial load every column bearing of hub...

Authors: L.M. Wang, H.C. Lin

Abstract: In this study TIG welding was carried out in Ti-15V-3Cr-3Al-3Sn alloy by using Ti-6-4 alloy filler. The effect of two common industrial heat...

Authors: Ki Jun Kim, Cheng Dong Wu, Fei Wang, Shi Guang Wen

Abstract: Passive AKPs being currently in use do not respond to the needs of daily living activities of many amputees. For example, it is difficult to...

Authors: Hai Rui Wei, Bin Yang, Mei Long Le

Abstract: Based on the theory of Bi-level Programming, according to the location and the fluctuant power and heat demand of the customers in the given...

Authors: Tao Tu Bao, Jian Hong Wang

Abstract: Welded connection is a joined form in practical engineering. This text introduces the relevant contents of eccentrically loaded welded...


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