Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Chen, Kai Xiong Su, Xiu Zhi Yang, Rong Hua Lin

Abstract: In the demand of compounding transmission with SD and HD programs, based on analyzing two kind of multiplexing models’ characteristic with...

Authors: Chun Hui Liu, Zhao Zheng, Feng Gao

Abstract: In the facial expression recognition, a dimension disaster will arise when taking the coefficient of Gabor transforms as the expression...

Authors: Jian Da Cao, Xuan Run Wu, Yan Chen

Abstract: Through testing the Munsell color index and the static fabric pressure of the tight pants, the paper has established eight related model...

Authors: Ji Ping Sun, Fan Zhang

Abstract: To address the problem of wireless communication system existing blind spots in mine tunnels, this paper proposes a novel mine mobile...

Authors: Wei Jie Gu, Yong Shan Liu

Abstract: The spatial relations usually consist of topological, directional and measurement relations. It is not accurate to using single spatial...

Authors: Chen Quan Hua, Yan Feng Geng

Abstract: A novel noninvasive approach to the online flow regime identification for wet gas flow in a horizontal pipeline is proposed. Research into...

Authors: Jian Sheng Liu, Hai Ning Tu, Fang Chen Xia, Wen Yu Zhang

Abstract: Based on the analysis of traditional maintenance mode, such as breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance,...

Authors: Ai Guo Li, Jun Bo Shao

Abstract: Texture feature of texture image is described by image energy. Wavelet transform is studied for image retrieval based on the texture image...

Authors: Zhi Feng Qi, Yin Huang, Shu Hong Wang

Abstract: The security of many emerging applications is based on broadcast encryption scheme, for example teleconference, pay-TV, etc. This Paper...

Authors: Hong Kui Xu, Ming Yan Jiang, Ming Qiang Yang

Abstract: A novel method combing feature constraint with multilevel strategy to improve simultaneously the registration accuracy and speed is proposed...


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