Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Ling Shang, Chun Quan Li, Hua Qing Xiong, En Min Tan

Abstract: Electrical performance of bonding wire is critical to the reliability of electrical interconnection systems of chip-level packaging for high...

Authors: Jun Liu, Zhi Yuan Rui, Rui Cheng Feng, Chun Li Lei

Abstract: A hybrid manufacturing system which consists of two machines is examined. Unreliable buffers and multiple stochastic failure modes of the...

Authors: Yan Bo Che, Jian Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the composition and structure of typical microgrid system are described briefly first. Different control methods of microgrid...

Authors: Yan Bo Che, Jing Ding Ren

Abstract: This paper proposes a new monitoring system of power quality, which is combined with the technology of wireless data transmission of SM5X...

Authors: Yan Bo Che, Hai Bo Wang

Abstract: This paper describes a new type of intelligent liquid-level monitoring system, presents the measuring method and principle, and also goes to...

Authors: Ming Hong Wang, Fa Jiang He

Abstract: The problem which people are following with interest all the time is how to improve the cutting properties and natural life of cutter. The...

Authors: Hai Tao Song, Jing Rong Yi

Abstract: With the fast development of internet, especially the emergence of SaaS, the majority of SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) customers...

Authors: Dong Xing Bao, Xiao Ming Li, Yi Zhong Xin, Xiang Shi Ren

Abstract: Studies on touch screen mainly focus on modalities of input, but the effect caused by environmental parameters has not been studied...

Authors: Wei Li, Wei Kai Li, Xing Wei Qi, He Li

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of laser radiation on the germination percentage and growth of soybean seed is introduced. The experimental result...

Authors: Xing Wei Qi, Wei Kai Li, Wei Li, He Li

Abstract: In the experiment, a new non-destructive method for discriminating three vigour of soybean seeds was developed by near infrared spectroscopy...


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