Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Ma, Li Na Xu, Fei Fei Xie, Xue Mei Li

Abstract: In the background of the development of global low-carbon economy, to blossom the low-carbon transport is necessary for every country....

Authors: Huai Hu Cao

Abstract: For P2P e-commerce environment of autonomy, heterogeneous, distribution and parallelism, considering behavior characteristics of providers...

Authors: Zi Ming Kou, Li Feng Yang

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of the coal chemical industry region, an emergency response platform for serious environmental pollution...

Authors: Bei Bei Zheng, Xin Yu

Abstract: By using the existing research experience and through the in-depth study of the harmonious society theory, this paper sets up a harmonious...

Authors: Liang Feng Shen

Abstract: Knowledge Management has put forward many new requirements for modern enterprises culture construction,which requires the enterprise build...

Authors: Zhong Wang, Ming Rui Chen, Xing Fu

Abstract: The behavior modeling technology is introduced. A gearbox cabinet model is analyzed and optimized in this paper with Pro/Engineer behavioral...

Authors: Yu Fu, Bo Lu, Min Lu, Xing Chao Zhang

Abstract: Fault-block oil and Gas Field is one of special complicated reservoirs. For its development, No matter at home or aboard, the instances are...

Authors: Huai Hu Cao, Yan Mei Zhang, Jian Ming Zhu

Abstract: Trust plays an important role in the development and implementation of P2P e-commerce systems. This paper proposes a novel Trust Evaluating...

Authors: Yong Feng, Yong Fang Guo, Yan Yang, Hong Yan Xu

Abstract: Virtual enterprise (VE) has now become an indispensable way for modern business to cope with the intense market competition. However, the...

Authors: Ming Jun Wang, Shu Xian Deng

Abstract: The present paper based on rough set theory is to analyze the reason of an e-commerce customers losing. The e-commerce is virtual, customers...


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