Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hong Zhu, Gao Jian Ding, Shu Zhong Song, Le Yi Dai

Abstract: In recent years, remarkable progress has been made in the field of MIG welding technology. In this paper, three kinds of innovative MIG...

Authors: Jun Zhang

Abstract: For the characteristics and needs of temperature and humidity control in current industrial environment, the paper proposes a fuzzy-based...

Authors: Ze Biao Li, Xu Wei Pan, Xing Wang Zheng

Abstract: To solve the difficulties in increasing large number of knowledge, with unstable irresponsible quality and acquiring automatically and...

Authors: Ou Xie, Yuan Sheng Tu

Abstract: Huangshi is a resource based city; it needs to re-examine the traditional mineral recourses development and utilization system in terms of...

Authors: Xiu Liang Yu, Lan Tan

Abstract: Since the financial crisis happened in the first half of 2007, the influence had been widely spread. In China, export has declined rapidly,...

Authors: Hai Bo Zhang, Liang Liu

Abstract: According to the failure of wind turbines in operation, the failure cause and phenomenon of wind turbines is analyzed, combined with the...

Authors: Zhi Yu Yang, Feng Jie Sun, Wen Xia Liu, Hai Yang Ge, Hang Cui

Abstract: This article describes an information management system for the design of equipment and carried out in the power state companies. From...

Authors: Yan Dan Lin, Li Qing Tong, Yao Jie Sun

Abstract: To improve the utilization of the inverter of the photovoltaic grid connected systems and decrease the harmonic of the grid, a novel...

Authors: Yan Dan Lin, Qian Yun Du, Li Qing Tong, Yao Jie Sun

Abstract: In this paper the usability of using polarized filters for reading lamp to reduce disturbing reflected glare was tested based on a...

Authors: Feng Shou Zhang, Xing Xing Du, Feng Kui Cui

Abstract: This paper discusses the current situation and problems of large bearing size measurement technology, and analyses the principle and the...


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