Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Lin Liu, Jun Qi Yang

Abstract: Based on neural network method and by using the relevant social and economic development history index data, this paper establishes the...

Authors: Shi Qing Wang, Ming Qi Li

Abstract: In the paper, for the variance component models we take the ordinary quadratic risk function, and consider the admissibility of the linear...

Authors: Moges Adhena Shumuye, Xing Hui Zhang, Sheng Zhi Du

Abstract: A new quadrilateral arrangements for landmark Multi Dimensional Scaling (LMDS) is proposed in this paper. The proposed strategy for choosing...

Authors: Lu Hai Mei

Abstract: In this paper, we first introduce the characteristic and the comparison of H.320 system and H.323 system in video frequency conference...

Authors: Wen Dong, Xin Zhang, Hua Bin Chen

Abstract: Government decision-making is a complex and comprehensive problem. It needs to make judgments and develop policies combining with...

Authors: Cong Ming Zhong, Guo Rui Feng, Hong Fu Liu, Jing Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, the process of upward mining in Baijiazhuang mine is analyzed by the simulation function in FLAC-3D software. Basing on the...

Authors: Ning Gao, Li Peng, Lin Hai Wu, Jun Jie Jiang

Abstract: Because of the nonlinear of the cutting motor which is used in hi-frequency straight welded tube process, this paper designs a fuzzy control...

Authors: Hai Ming Jin, Wen Li Peng

Abstract: Under the background of the rapid development of computer technology and the gradual maturity of advanced manufacturing technology, three...

Authors: Yi Chao Zhu, Gen Xin Luo, Li Hao, Yu Chen, Shuang Qiu

Abstract: The circuit that a high-voltage pulse is sharpened by an opening switch and a closing switch is designed. The electric exploding wire switch...

Authors: Ju Li Deng, Guo Rong Chen

Abstract: In order to resolve the modeling method of logistics network, a basic model named NGM is presented. According to some special...


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