Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Ma, Yuan Yuan Liang, Xiao Ping Jiang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the basic principles of ant colony algorithm,Grid Resource Discovery Method is proposed based on the ant colony...

Authors: Long Jie Zhang, Xiao Fang Xie, Jie Liang, De Dong Li, Jian Cao

Abstract: This paper established the total error model of Anti-Radiation Missile under condition of target radiation source shutdown, which includes...

Authors: Ting Wang, Li Xin Xu, Zhan Zhong Cui

Abstract: A broadband microstrip patch antenna with multi-layer substrate for fuze application is designed. The multi-layer substrate is composed of...

Authors: Yan Wang, Xiu Xia Wang, Sheng Lai

Abstract: In ensemble learning, in order to improve the performance of individual classifiers and the diversity of classifiers, from the classifiers...

Authors: You Chan Zhu, Juan Hua Bai

Abstract: Grid security is one of the core issues of grid computing, and the authorization issue of grid security is a hot topic of current research....

Authors: Hong Juan Yan, Jiang Ying Li, Feng Bin Liu, Min Qu

Abstract: The cold fusion at room temperature is used to repair the shaft of automatic transmission. In the experiment, the low-carbon steel, the...

Authors: Di Li, Wen Qian Kang, Peng Wei Guo

Abstract: Feature recognition is the key technology in establishing auto body panel CAPP system. Hole features and draw boss features has been...

Authors: Li Min Liu

Abstract: Embedded systems are the most popular computer application systems. Their applications have changed life of people in the world. They can be...

Authors: Qian Wu, Jian Chao Bi

Abstract: Forecasting the weather diseases is a complex process with strong uncertainty. In order to improve the forecast accuracy, the paper proposed...

Authors: Chen Zhang, Chang Yong Xu, Li Yan Zhang

Abstract: A proprioceptive mechanism of vehicle driving simulator is proposed to realize pitch, roll and vibration action of vehicle driving simulator...


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