Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Sheng Zheng

Abstract: A remote power automatic meter reading system based on GPRS is introduced in this paper. The system using GPRS for communication and...

Authors: Lin Xu, Qin Zhang, Yi Fan Yu

Abstract: Vehicle License plate recognition system includes license plate location, character segmentation, character recognition three important...

Authors: Zhu Ting Yao

Abstract: Auto-loading system is as an important part of weapons and equipment, its work reliability determines the combat effectiveness and their own...

Authors: Bo Wang, Yi Qiong Xu, Yao Ming Zhou

Abstract: Community structure is a common property that exists in social networks. Community structure analysis is important for understanding network...

Authors: Li Ming Chu, Wang Long Li, Hsiang Chen Hsu

Abstract: In this paper, the numerical solutions in pure squeeze motion are explored by using hydrodynamic lubrication (HL) and elastohydrodynamic...

Authors: Yan Na Zhao, Yu Qiang Sun

Abstract: With the severe competition in the market, the risk that enterprises are faced with is more and more big. But so far, the development of the...

Authors: Er Geng Zhang, Yan Wu

Abstract: After researching the mould coating and the effect of different matrix hardness on the service life, it can be concluded that under the...

Authors: Chun Yu Ren

Abstract: The paper is focused on the Min-Max Vehicle Routing Problem (MMVRP). Tabu search algorithm is an algorithm based on neighborhood search....

Authors: Jian Xiong Long

Abstract: The enterprise information integration (EII) based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a good methodology to solve power enterprise...

Authors: Jian Xiong Long

Abstract: A DSS of business-oriented theme has been established by using the EPM information integration platform. Under the EPM business...


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