Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Zhi Liu, Zhen Hua Wang

Abstract: To improve efficiency of information engineering surveillance, expert system was introduced. First, describes the theory of expert system...

Authors: Wei Chen, Peng Liu

Abstract: This paper evaluates reliability of binary directed tree-structured systems based on terminal failure limit-value. For the difficult problem...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jian Hua Ren

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a food production and packaging system. This system includes many processes, namely, mixing, blending, molding,...

Authors: Hong Zhi Liu, Li Na Liu

Abstract: We build up a multi-objective location model of emergency logistics center location, The model combined the construction cost of emergency...

Authors: Li Xia Zhang, Wei Kang, Qing Qing Zheng

Abstract: When the cell pack is tested, it need low ripple charging current to ensure the tester accuracy. It is very necessary to set proper DC...

Authors: Ning Li, Fang Fu

Abstract: Petroleum industry is a pivotal component of a country’s industry, which can provide fuel oil and gasoline to guarantee the running of the...

Authors: Chao Hui Zhang, Ning Li

Abstract: With the development of human resource management, the function of human resource becomes more prominent in performance management in...

Authors: Yan Li, He Jin Xu

Abstract: Beating degree can not be measured on-line, study shows that beating degree is associated with pulp consistency, pulp flow rate, pressure of...

Authors: Xin Ai Song, Tian Shi Liu, Liu Mei Zhang

Abstract: In intelligence materials system, sensor nodes may typically scattered around the targeted surveillance area. Therefore, all nodes within...

Authors: Sheng Min Cui, Chao Zhang, Jian Feng Wang, Kun Zhang

Abstract: This paper proposes an optimal control method to achieve the path tracking mission for the vision based intelligent vehicle. After the...


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