Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Limin Chen

Abstract: At present a set of wholly mature design methods of impeller theory based on existential experiences do not exist, because of the complexity...

Authors: Min Wang

Abstract: By analyzing the storage structures of forest and binary tree, this paper introduced the design ideas of the non-recursive simulation on the...

Authors: Shu Fa Sun, Dong Bo Wei, Shi Chun Di, Min Yu, Hao Tian You, Ze Li Wang

Abstract: The stray capacitance in the process of MEDM has been the key problem of influencing the processing dimension and precision. This paper puts...

Authors: Xiao Hong Wu, Yun Ping Zou, Zhan Lun Cao, Zhi Jun Yang

Abstract: IC packaging equipment movement speed, high precision positioning, Requires not only high-rigidity mechanical structure, but also the...

Authors: Qi Xin Sun, Limin Chen

Abstract: In recent years, the internal combustion engine has been widely used through technological advances to improve its environmental...

Authors: Xue Mei Tang, Xin Xing Tang

Abstract: The main work of this paper was the following: based on various effects on train running imposed by operation conditions, showing the effect...

Authors: Wen Tsann Lin, Meng Hua Li, Shen Tsu Wang, Kuo Liang Weng, Shih Chia Huang

Abstract: This study developed a lactic-acid beverage of Ganoderma lucidum fermented soybean liquid, and used DMAIC to improve soybean fermentation...

Authors: Wen Tsann Lin, Shen Tsu Wang, Meng Hua Li, Jiung Ming Huang

Abstract: This study first introduced product life cycle management procedures for designing expert questionnaire, and employed the Delphi method to...

Authors: Li Qin, Tuo Chen Li

Abstract: This paper applies public governance theory to develop a model for controlling the quality and safety of vegetable, and analyzes the process...

Authors: Qun Wu

Abstract: Cluster supply chain risk contains weakened supply chain risks in cluster environment and suppressed cluster risks under the effect of...


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