Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Fei Tu

Abstract: Virtual organization is an important form of the cooperation between enterprises. Information technology is the technological base of the...

Authors: Xiao Wu Huang, Gui Tang Wang, Wen Juan Liu, Feng Wang

Abstract: Time synchronization is a key technology in wireless sensor networks. In this paper, aim at high-speed railway GSM-R network require higher...

Authors: Yan Sun, Xue Guang Zhou

Abstract: Cognitive attacks, which influence the user’s perceptions and behavior, are more serious than physical or even syntactic attacks. We...

Authors: Xia Peng, Xing Nai Wang, Xue Gui

Abstract: Yueniang bridge is curve, slope and slant single span special arch bridge with diagonal crossing arch rib and curved girder. A spatial...

Authors: Ke Wei Hu, Wei Yao, Li Huo Wang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: An avoiding obstacle fuzzy controller for AGV is presented in this paper. Multi-sensors are used to detect obstacles information. The fuzzy...

Authors: Ya Qing Chen, Shi Gang Li, Xin He

Abstract: The "mistakes, forgetfulness, and negligence" accidents in Air Traffic Control (ATC) have a great impact on flight safety. On the basis of...

Authors: Zhong Qun Wu

Abstract: The most important feature of cascaded hydropower investment, intertemporal optimization, is neglected to some extent. This paper focuses on...

Authors: Nian Liu, Geng Li, Yong Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a new network security situation intelligent analysis prediction method is proposed, which applies GM(1,1) model and BP...

Authors: Chang Jiang Li, Xiao Hui Li, Yu Fen Wang

Abstract: Research the MVC pattern, Struts framework and Struts framework application in web development mainly. Design and realize On-line bookstore...

Authors: Fei Long Chen

Abstract: This article embarks from the connotation of supply chain performance and its evaluation indexes’ present research situation, selects the...


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