Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Shi, Liang Wang

Abstract: Taking crank-connecting rod mechanism for example, this paper uses the Pro/E modeling, uses the 3D-MAX to create a disassembly animations,...

Authors: Jing Zhao Li, Jian Cheng, Xing Jin

Abstract: Industrial field diagnosis and management system based on the Internet of things which has advanced technologies and perfect functions was...

Authors: Cheng Zhong Yang, Wen Jie Wan

Abstract: By means of finite element method software simulation analysis, using strength reduction finite element method analyse factor of safety of...

Authors: Cheng Qi Liu, Ying Xu, Jian Feng Xu

Abstract: It's one of the important management job of each university currently that discovering and monitoring the public network opinion in the...

Authors: Jin Lin Xue, Tony E. Grift

Abstract: This article discusses the development of variable field of view (FOV) of camera to realize headland turning of an agricultural robot in...

Authors: Fan Yu Kong, Lei Wu, Jia Yu

Abstract: In 2009, R. Tso et al. proposed an efficient pairing-based short signature scheme which is provably secure in the Random Oracle Model. In...

Authors: Da Hai Jin, Yun Zhan Gong, Zhao Hong Yang, Qing Xiao, Chuan Chang Liu

Abstract: Control flow graph plays an important role in software static testing based on defect patterns, while the impact of runtime exception on...

Authors: Zhong Jie Zhang, De Peng Zhao, De Qiang Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a new spatial index structure - cache quadtree. Cache quadtree combined with the advantages of spatial indexing and...

Authors: De Hui Liu, Gao Hua Liao

Abstract: Structure and work principle of micro pump developed with shape memory alloy (SMA) materials are introduced. The math model is established...

Authors: Gao Hua Liao, De Hui Liu

Abstract: A virtual instrument which has the function of data acquisition, displaying and saving, time domain analysis, frequency domain analysis and...


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