Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Li Zu, Zheng Xin Zhou, Hong Yang Yu

Abstract: Based on 2.0L spark ignition direct-injection(SIDI) turbo charged gasoline engine with variable valve timing(VVT), the spark timing effects...

Authors: Chang Jiang Song, Liang Zhu, Yuan Yi Guo, Ke Feng Li, Feng Mei Sun, Qi Jie Zhai

Abstract: By using a thermal simulator this work investigated grain growth behaviour of a Ti+Nb stabilized 12%Cr ferritic stainless steel at high...

Authors: Ya Bin Wang, Shuai Yuan

Abstract: This paper describes that in high-speed flight of the projectile, temperature of fuze changes due to aerodynamic heating caused by the...

Authors: Jian Sheng Zhang

Abstract: A mechanics model of vertical impact damping system was founded based on the experimental device introduced in [1], and interrelated theory...

Authors: Jian Sheng Zhang

Abstract: The simulation research of vertical impact damping system was made in the paper, taking the experimental parameters of [1] as input of...

Authors: Chun Lei Tian, Ai Guo Pi, Feng Lei Huang

Abstract: In order to understand the quasi-static and dynamic compressive mechanical properties of carbon/epoxy composite laminates consisting of...

Authors: Li Ma, Jian Xin, Li Ke Wang, Ping Xu

Abstract: Adiabatic shearing is a typical response of materials under high strain rate loading. Based on the instability analysis for the...

Authors: Zheng Jeremy Li

Abstract: The application of automation to industries brings revolution for manufacturing techniques and allows more sophisticated, flexible,...

Authors: Hong Bao Cui, Li Feng Zheng, Jin Yong Wang

Abstract: The microstructures of FeCoNiCrCu high entropy alloy were investigated under directional solidification. The results showed that only...

Authors: Hou An Zhang, Si Yong Gu

Abstract: Wear behaviors of MoSi2 against Al2O3 or SiC under 30N at 1000°C in air have been investigated by using an...


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