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Authors: Fu Hua Kuang, Bu Gong Xu, Gui Yun Liu
Abstract: For the development trends and defects of the Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation Station (WEHGS), the design of CAN bus distributed network control system based on CANopen protocol is presented. CANopen master characteristics have been analyzed, then the communication implementation of CANopen monitor msater protocol stack, which includes the hardware interface and software design of CAN controller based on the LPC2292, is described. The tested results show that CANopen monitor master meets the requirements of WEHGS.
Authors: Lin Zhai, Yin Fei Zhai
Abstract: The paper understands the essential characteristics of modern educational technology, analyzes the necessity and feasibility of deepening the reform of school physical education and proposes the thinking of making use of modern educational technology to build new sports teaching mode so as to provide theoretical basis and practical guidance for promoting the application and development of modern educational technology in school physical education.
Authors: Chao Wang, Qi Hai Zhou, Yan Li
Abstract: In the research on transforming vague set to fuzzy set, it is the key question to carry on the judgment to the vague-degree's tendentiousness. Vague set's vague-degree expresses one kind of indefinite degree, therefore the question transforming vague set to fuzzy set may regard as the venture decision under the definite condition. When the policy-maker carries on the venture decision, the policy-maker's risk preferences decided by the subjective and objective condition is a very essential policy-making parameter. In this paper, introduce the risk-income balancing weight into the transforming model, thus enable reflect the policy-maker's risk preferences well in the transforming result. In addition, decompose the value of fuzzy set's membership degree into the following two parts: the value of vague set's real membership degree, the weighting sum of the risk value and the tendency value.
Authors: Xiao Xiao Chen, Shi Li Ge, Min Lin
Abstract: Statistical techniques applying to multi-feature similarity comparison belong to the type of goodness-of-fit test which include chi-square test, rank correlation test and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (K-S test). Experiments show that both chi-square independence test and rank correlation test are subject to the variation of sample size. With the expansion of sample size, the former test achieves the results of significant difference and the latter achieves the results of significant correlation easily. However, both results fail to reveal the actual situation of multi-feature similarity comparison between corpora. Only K-S test, which quantifies a distance between the empirical distribution functions of two samples, can achieve the highest statistical effectiveness.
Authors: Xin Hua Zhu
Abstract: This paper uses the methods of documentary, interview, and inductive analysis and so on; give a profound research on the meaning, property, the construction of curriculum system, the formulation of teaching outline of outward bound curriculum. Aim to establish a outward bound curriculum system which helps to cultivate students’ attic faith, strong self-confidence and brave strong will; formulate a outward bound curriculum teaching outline which can effectively promote the implementation of the outline, can carry out reform and innovation of the traditional P.E. class.
Authors: Ping Xu
Abstract: In the period of transformation, the current situation and countermeasures of our national competitive basketball capital input and earnings is that the sources of fund tend to be multi-facetted, but the right of property is not clear enough; the way of profit is various, but the amount is limited. Therefore, we should accelerate the process of our national basketball professionalism, make the most of the tangible and intangible assets of basketball, look for many other ways of financing actively, and at the same time, use the successful operation experience of NBA industry as a source of reference.
Authors: Jun Peng Pang
Abstract: By using method of mathematical statics and literature, we carry out stratified statistic, generalization and analysis of the scientific papers about Taekwondo in Core Chinese Journals (CCJ) during 2000-2010 according to five dimensions, including published time, the application of research methods, research fields, professional title and organization of authors, and language of citation. The result shows that not many scientific papers about Taekwondo have published in CCJ of these 11 years; research methods have been used widely, but the specific research method is rather single; contents of research are very wide; the authors are mainly lecturers and the organizations are mainly based on independent sports colleges; the major language of citation is Chinese and foreign languages are very few, especially Korean – there is no citation in Korean.
Authors: Xian Rong Qiu
Abstract: This article discussing the value of Rock-Climbing utilizes literature material method, the logical analytic method, induction and deduction methods. To raising people's understanding on Rock-Climbing, and promote more and more outdoor sports lovers involved into Rock-Climbing.

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