Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Lan Xue, Wei Gao, Ying Li, Jing Zhi Tong, Shuo Zhang, Yan Wen Zhang

Abstract: OBJECTIVE To prepare traditional Chinese pharmaceutical film which can be absorbed through derma and have an effect of topical antibacterial...

Authors: Qin He Gao, Xiang Yang Li

Abstract: This paper employed the theories of multibody system dynamics to analyze the multi-rigid-body model of erection system and build the general...

Authors: Wan Huang

Abstract: At present the design of metallurgical engineering materials research largely also depends on the facts and experience accumulation. As a...

Authors: Bo Liu, Jie Huang, Li Wei Guo, Long Liu

Abstract: Focus on the trajectory planning problem of shovel operations of skid steer loader, a trajectory curve fitting equation is established. By...

Authors: Zhong Chao Yang, Ming Dong Chen, Ming Chen

Abstract: Located in the north of Yun’nan Province, Shuifu wharf on the Jinsha River is an important port on and a key waterway along Yangtze River....

Authors: Jian Sheng Ding, Yang Ping Xu

Abstract: To study the surface composition, hardness, microstructure of the machined surface in KT5331AS0 and 45 steel at different cutting parameters...

Authors: Li Zhu, Yi Min Yang, Pan Yi

Abstract: This paper proposes a design of the equal duty ratio arbitrary integer frequency divider based on FPGA. First it introduces the...

Authors: Li Zhu, Yi Min Yang

Abstract: This paper achieved the optimize which is based on the Series processors Produced by NVIDIA, such as Geforce, Tegra, Nexus and so on, and...

Authors: Yang Cao, Ning Gu, Jing Lin Zhang

Abstract: Organo-montmorillonite (OMMT)/nature rubber (NR) nanocomposites were prepared by mixing method. The microstructure of these composites was...

Authors: Lan Ying Wu, Yan Lin Wang, Ming Wen Chen

Abstract: Pipeline elbows are extensively applied in the liquid-conveying piping system, which vibration and noise control are always difficult and...


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