Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Qin Xu, Bai Qing Zhou, Yin Da Sun

Abstract: A practical flexible friction transmission is presented here, which has a stable operation, a high reliability, a low maintenance cost and a...

Authors: Hong Yan, Li Zhang, Zheng Liu, Fang Jun Hu

Abstract: This paper discusses the basic principle of numerical control interpolation, including the straight line and arc (Agreeable circle or...

Authors: Mei Li, Dong Mei Zhao, Yu Sup Nijat, Zhi Ming Xie

Abstract: It is based on the monitoring result a motor of 1600KW start of petro-chemical oil refinery in Urumqi , the paper probe and analyze that...

Authors: Chen Peng Hao, Cheng Wu

Abstract: The small-deflection response of a free–free beam subjected to a local uniformly distributed impulsive load at one free end is examined; the...

Authors: Jun Hua Chen, Song Zhang, Ying Jie Qu

Abstract: In the present work, Al-Ni-Ce-C amorphous powders with different compositions have been prepared by a high energy ball milling technique....

Authors: Xian Ping Peng

Abstract: This paper described an industrial scale experience of melting as-cast high-ductility nodular iron. We discussed the rationale of selection...

Authors: Shi Jun Chen, Pei Lin Duan

Abstract: High or low voltage electrical contact is a kind of pseudo alloy which is mostly composed of a high melting point material and a low one....

Authors: Gang Zhi Wang, Yan Ming Hao, Xiao Yan Lou

Abstract: Testing ways and means are introduced to measure oil film thickness of a main bearing in multi-cylinder IC engines with two eddy current...

Authors: Shou Hong Han, Zhen Hua Lv

Abstract: This paper first presented modeling methods and procedures aiming to a truck cab and its occupant under blast loading, followed by numerical...

Authors: Ching Yen Ho, Mao Yu Wen, Yu Hsiang Tsai, Chung Ma

Abstract: A thermal model for laser-assisted cutting of mullite is developed in this paper. Laser-assisted cutting has been proposed as a promising...


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