Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ching Yen Ho, Cheng Sao Chen, Yu Hsiang Tsai

Abstract: This paper investigates characteristics of heat transfer in Fe micrometer and nanometer powder. The understanding for thermal properties of...

Authors: Zhi Li Chen, Kai Sheng Xiong, Wan Tu Zhang, Wen Biao Wang, Wen Ping Chen, Hua Qiao, Yi Yang, Wei Ping Gu

Abstract: This paper elaborates on the development of elastic combined packing and an integrated device for treating domestic sewage aboard ships,...

Authors: Mehrdad Vahdati, Seyed Alireza Rasouli

Abstract: The compressed air vibration in air slide table of ultra precision machines is an obstacle for gaining Nano-metric level of accuracies in...

Authors: Si Ming Wang, Jian Yu Xu, Yu Qian Zhai

Abstract: Starting from the establishment of generalized predictive model based on neural network, LM optimization algorithm is applied to the...

Authors: Yong Yang

Abstract: Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) are commonly used in direct-drive wind power generation systems, which produce high...

Authors: Jin Hua Li, Yong Xian Liu, Yang Yu, Jia Liang Han, Chao Biao Zhang

Abstract: The technique to suppress regenerative chatter is to regulate the spindle speed around the mean speed to disturb the regenerative mechanism....

Authors: Ju Hua Yang, Guang Wu Chen

Abstract: The system goal is fixed as the choice and optimization of passenger travel-transfer station. Then the inquire method of all kinds of travel...

Authors: La Wu Zhou, Shu Qi Shi, Li Li

Abstract: This paper designs a dual topological structure of grid-connected inverter for high-power wind turbine, and introduces PWM converter's...

Authors: Xiao Cong He

Abstract: Thispaperdealswithcomparisonsoffiniteelementmodelsofadhesivelybondedjoints....

Authors: Asad Ullah, Smeer Javed, M. Tayyab Qamar, Nadeem Ahmed

Abstract: Tribometer is an instrument that offers precise and repeatable wear/friction measurement of a surface. The coefficient of friction is a...


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