Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Zhang, Xiao Feng Shang, Wei Jun Liu

Abstract: The fabrication of metal parts is the backbone of the modern manufacturing industry. Laser forming is the combination of five common...

Authors: Hong Jun Li, Wen Guang An

Abstract: Oral English teaching has been in an embarrassing situation because of lacking necessary language environment. With the development of...

Authors: Wei Yuan Cheng

Abstract: This paper describes the need for development of real-time online teaching evaluation system with the credit management mode, and promotes a...

Authors: Tao Wang, Wen Guang An

Abstract: Web3D technology is an implementation of virtual reality technology in the form. This paper researches the theory and mainstream technology...

Authors: Wen Guang An, Tao Wang

Abstract: Experimental teaching is an important way to cultivate students’ professional qualities. This article first gives an account of the...

Authors: Qing Qing Li, Xia Liang

Abstract: At present, the development and popularization of computer and network provides English teaching reform and development with new methods and...

Authors: Chang Jiang Liu, Xu Lin Wu

Abstract: In this paper, we aimed at segmenting industrial computerized tomography images grounded in edge information. Most researchers focused on...

Authors: Dong Dong Liu, Zhan Bo Li

Abstract: Name Services for the Internet of Things are distributed systems that serve a fundamental lookup function to identify the distributed data...

Authors: Bin Yang, Yan Chang Wang, Pei Hong Li, Ji Lin Liu

Abstract: In this paper we present a CCD image sensor system with high dynamic range. This feature is achieved through double analog-to-digital...

Authors: Shan Chen

Abstract: In this paper, data mining algorithms have been refined and optimized to achieve the intelligent detection of network data. Winsock2 SPI...


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