Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Lin Xu, Hao Huang, Ya Shuang Bai, Wen Sheng Zhang

Abstract: The finite element method (FEM) is widely adopted in the geotechnical engineering, but there exist some problems in practical applications,...

Authors: Wei Wei Zhong, Yu Kun Cao

Abstract: This dissertation adopts Data Envelopment Analysis method, in accordance with principles of comprehensiveness, concise, relevance and...

Authors: Fang He

Abstract: In the present work PID control and the fuzzy logic based intelligent control is used to control the rectilinear plant vibrations. PID...

Authors: San Ping Zhao

Abstract: In this study, SPICE program is applied to design micro fluidic circuits based on the analogical relationship with MOSFET models for the...

Authors: San Ping Zhao

Abstract: This paper presents a novel pressure sensor based on IL electrofluidic circuit. The simple configuration makes the device capable of being...

Authors: Jong Guk Yun, Xin Ming Cao, Yue Wang, Yan Kang, Xiao Wu Li

Abstract: Fatigue deformation behavior of the commercially pure iron containing micro-voids at grain boundaries (GBs) were investigated under total...

Authors: Wen Sheng Zou

Abstract: In this paper we proposed a new dynamic scheduling algorithm for power scheduling problem. The algorithm is based on game theory and...

Authors: Hong Bo Zhu, Xue Jun Xu, Xue Song Chen, Shao Hua Jiang

Abstract: Matching feature points is an important step in image registration. For high- dimensional feature vector, the process of matching is very...

Authors: Xin Ming Cao, Wei Wei Guo, Xiao Wu Li

Abstract: The plastic deformation behavior of the and [014] Fe-35wt.%Cr alloy single crystals containing fine Cr-rich precipitates were investigated...

Authors: Biao Jin, Zhe He Yao, Miao Qian

Abstract: In order to carry out reaction smoothly, a measure and control system of an onboard micro-channel reactor for hydrogen production via...


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