Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Qin Bai, Cheng Qing Yuan, Jun Li

Abstract: The wear performances of three types of ceramics (ZrO2, Al2O3, Si3N4)/1Cr18Ni9Ti...

Authors: Jing Yuan Liu, Chun Hian Lee

Abstract: For hypersonic compressible turbulence, the correlations with respect to the density fluctuation must not be neglected. A Reynolds averaged...

Authors: Ming Lu Zhang, Yi Ren Yang, Zhi Yong Lu, Li Lu

Abstract: Experiment of unsteady pressure measurement on the surface of wing with 75° sweep delta wing has been carried out in a wind tunnel in order...

Authors: Ming Lu Zhang, Yi Ren Yang, Chen Guang Fan, Li Lu

Abstract: The aerodynamic performances of a high speed train will significant change under the action of the crosswind. Large eddy simulation (LES)...

Authors: Hai Long Huang, Su Zhen Huang

Abstract: This paper points out the problems in software engineering course teaching, and then proposes that by adjusting the curriculum system and...

Authors: Cheng Long Luo, Ji Hai Xiong, Min Fan

Abstract: The building-integrated dual-function solar collector has two independent operating modes: passive space heating mode in cold days, and...

Authors: Ting Jun Li

Abstract: It's well recognized that the PKM is one of the essential factors to an individual's development and success in the era of...

Authors: Xiang Zhu, Gong Yu Xiao, Tian Yun Li, Xiao Fang Hu

Abstract: In this paper, the vibration and power flow characteristics of stiffened plate and cylindrical shell structures are investigated by using...

Authors: Yi Chen, Guang Sheng Zeng, Ping Jiang, Xiang Gang Li, Yu Gang Huang

Abstract: PC/PLA composite material introduces the degradability of PLA to PC with great performance, but their compatibility and impact resistance...

Authors: Jie Li, Chang Yun Miao, Zhi Gang Wu, Cui Juan Guo

Abstract: In order to solve the higher cost of system maintenance and higher risk bringing by MSP430 MCU and DSP site commissioning by using emulator,...


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