Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Jun Chen

Abstract: A method for measuring parameters of plant leaf is proposed using image processing software developed with Visual C++6.0 based on image...

Authors: Jun Guo, Xin Ya Song, Yun Sheng Wang, Xian Li Li, Bin Zhang

Abstract: The problem of software aging widely exists in long-running software system, and the solution is software rejuvenation. Traditional software...

Authors: Jian Bo Liu

Abstract: Green computing is a new computing model to build the saving-type and low-carbon society, promote the sustainable coordinate development of...

Authors: Liang Shuang

Abstract: Cloud computing is a system which provide hardware services, infrastructure services, platform services, software services, storage services...

Authors: Jing Han, Man Yin Hu, Xiu Hong Wang

Abstract: Numerical simulation is used to study the combustion process,temperature distridution and NOx emission for a 10t/h chain boiler with and...

Authors: Li Zhang, Zhi Gong Wu

Abstract: Based on career study and the disciplinarity in higher education administration, this paper intends to explore the variations of the career...

Authors: Wei Song

Abstract: In this article, it quantizes the extended model of risk control system, using different stages, and supervision is the number and type of...

Authors: Pei Yun Zhang, En Hong Chen

Abstract: The goal of distributed heterogeneous information integration is seamless interactions among different business tasks. To achieve the goal,...

Authors: Xiao Li Xu, Qiu Shuang Liu

Abstract: In order to improve the R&D speed of instrument and to reduce the R&D cycle, this paper presents a signal conditioning circuit design method...

Authors: Hong Zhang, Qiu Mei Pu

Abstract: For the synchronization of fractional-order chaotic systems with uncertain parameters, a controller based on sliding mode theory is...


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