Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Xia Li, Xiu Hui Li, Zhan Zhong Wang

Abstract: In this dissertation, the internal field of a laboratory of desert environment simulation was studied and analyzed. According to the sizes...

Authors: Yu Chen, Wu Liang Peng, De Cai Kong

Abstract: To promote international industrial subcontracting in China, this paper introduced the advanced information network technologies of...

Authors: Xian Min Wei

Abstract: This paper analyzed the principles of learning and associative memoryof artificial neural network, while combining with component-based...

Authors: Xian Min Wei

Abstract: The artificial intelligence is an important branch of computer science, in recent years with the development of computer technology,...

Authors: Qing Ye, Li Yan Han

Abstract: Behavior of traders including investors and speculators in commodity future markets are studied before and after the subprime mortgage...

Authors: Sheng Ju Sang, Ding Shen, Ji Chao Zhao, Jia Yang Hu, Qi An

Abstract: In this paper, a spherical robot with an internal mechanism for propulsion is briefly introduced. The spherical robot is actuated and...

Authors: Hong Chun Zhu, Zhi Gang Zhou

Abstract: In the investigation of the universities counselor’s contradiction and bepuzzlement in work and competence, this paper obtain the following...

Authors: Kun Shang, Zhi Hua Zhai

Abstract: Congestion is an important issue in the research of end-to-end congestion control. The congestion issue in transmission with TCP is studied....

Authors: Zhao Ji Yu, Na Chao, Chang Hai Su

Abstract: Public policy implementation problem is a kind of common phenomenon. It needs to consider the influence of the correlation factors in order...

Authors: Qi Wang, Ming Deng, Qi Sheng Zhang, Rui Yang

Abstract: Seismic Synchronous acquisition means the Field Digitizer Unit acquiring data of each geophone at the same time. Here we will present a...


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