Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Li, Chi Lan Cai

Abstract: The sliding wear behavior of polyamide6/ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (PA6/UHMWPE, 90/10) blends loaded with 20 % carbon short...

Authors: Xiang Wei Shen, Xin Zhu Sang, Chong Xiu Yu, Jin Hui Yuan, Cang Jin

Abstract: With the different sizes of the structure parameters of the SOI(Silicon on Insulator) rib waveguide, the dispersion and the nonlinearity...

Authors: Zahra Bamshad

Abstract: The spin-polarized transport is investigated in a magnetic tunnel junction which consists of two ferromagnetic electrodes separated by a...

Authors: Chao You, Qiang Zhang, Yun Zhao, Qing Ze Jiao

Abstract: The controlled synthesis of SrCO3 microstructures with different morphologies, such as flower-like, cauliflower-like and...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Yu Qian Jiang, Yun Hong Jiang, Wei Li Li, Yu Long Ding

Abstract: Ultrasonic oscillation and nanometer grind were used to treat ZnO suspension, and the effects of treatment time on preparation of ZnO were...

Authors: Li Xia Yang, Jia You Liu, Pi Jian Zhang, Ying Xia Yang, Ping Yin, Xiang Peng Jiang, Lai Fen Qin, Ying Ying Tang

Abstract: ZnSn(OH)6 hierarchical cubes and Zn2SnO4 octahedra have been synthesized through a rapid, template-free,...

Authors: Bing Chen, Yu Guang Fan

Abstract: In order to analyze the influences of process condition on kerosene-based Fe3O4, which are prepared in chemical...

Authors: Phakkhananan Pakawanit, Supon Ananta

Abstract: A novel approach to synthesis cubic pyrochlore lead zinc niobate-based Pb1.88Zn0.3Nb1.25O5.305...

Authors: Chang Shun Ruan, Yuan Liang Wang, Mao Lan Zhang, Bing Bing Zhang

Abstract: A novel piperazine derivative (4, 4'-(1, 4-piperazinediyl) bis (4-oxo-2-butenoic acid),PBBA) was successfully synthesized under mild...

Authors: Zi Ling Xie, Lin Zhu Sun, Fang Yang, Xiao Bing Li

Abstract: Experiments were conducted on copper subjected to High Pressure Torsion to investigate the evolution of microstructure and microhardness...


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