Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ling Yan, Jia Ying Zhang, Wang Long Wang

Abstract: A new efficient interpolation algorithm for multi-axis linear linkage is proposed in this paper, which uses the principle of DDA algorithm,...

Authors: Qing Duan Meng, Li Gong Sun, Jie Xin Pu

Abstract: Based on viscoplastic Anand’s model, the structural stress of 8×8 InSb infrared focal plane array (IRFPA) detector is systemically analyzed...

Authors: Jie Yang, Lei Zhao

Abstract: According to the surface integration of laser technology and computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology (CAD & CAM),...

Authors: Zhong Fei Jiao, Shan Yao, Shu Ming Zhao, Feng Zeng, Di Wu

Abstract: An integrated digital routine is applied in the near net shape manufacturing of marine propeller. Firstly, the 3D CAD file of propeller is...

Authors: Wei Tao Shi, Jian Li, Jun He

Abstract: The weighing platform of the truck scale is a load-bearer, which is used for bearing a load. Its structure has many forms, in this paper,...

Authors: Wei Ching Yeh, Tsuh Siao Chu, Shiuan Sheng Wang, Kuang Hua Fuh, Kuan Hun Chen

Abstract: The application of ultrasonic vibrations superimposed on wire drawing, deep drawing, upsetting and rolling has been developed in the...

Authors: Chen Hua She, Kai Sheng Li, Zhi Hao Zheng

Abstract: Five-axis machining, an important processes in precision manufacturing, has been used in defense, aerospace and consumer product industries....

Authors: Qiang Yu, De Hua Miao, Yu Jun Cai, Chang Feng Men

Abstract: In this paper, the thinning rate and die elastic deformation under large forming force are investigated by finite element simulation with...

Authors: Chuan Yu Li, Qin He Zhang, Ru Po Ma, Bao Tian Dong

Abstract: In view of present problems that interior information of H-beam in multi-pass hot rolling process is not clear enough, an integrated...

Authors: Hui Jing, Cong Li, Bing Kuang, Mei Fa Huang, Fu Yun Liu

Abstract: To accelerate the development of new product, one important method is to use the information of the existed products. In this paper, Fuzzy...


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