Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Peng Lv, Si Zhu Zhou, Xiu Hua Ma

Abstract: According to the plunger pump movement principle, this paper analyzed the two kind of typical force situation of the crosshead, and obtained...

Authors: Kang Lin

Abstract: Surface of the lamp reflector are plated a layer of aluminum. It is hard to accurately establish calculate model when use finite element...

Authors: Ning Ning Xing, Wei Lin Zhao

Abstract: A new type cyclone with oblique top, transitional volute chamber, eccentric inner cylinders and sloping outlet were designed and...

Authors: Chiun Cheng Wen

Abstract: Virtual enterprise and concurrent engineering are two of the most promising business strategies to address global competition. By unifying...

Authors: Bao Cong Ma, Xiang Ke Tian

Abstract: The traditional method of verifying mechanical and electrical products shock strength is primarily through impact test to the product. From...

Authors: Ya Peng Liu, Yan Tang, Jia Bin Bi

Abstract: In this paper, a 4WS control method based on BP neural network was introduced. It used the BP neural network to simulate the map of vehicle...

Authors: Yong Hou Sun, Ren Sheng Lai, Jing Zhang, Bing Kuang

Abstract: The mixed-language programming is using two kinds of programming language or more to develop application. During the process of handling...

Authors: Yi Ping Yuan, Wen Lei Sun, Shuai Huang, Yi You Ni

Abstract: The Qing-ling machine is the cleaning part of Comb-type cotton picker. Its working performance directly affects the complete machine...

Authors: Jing Hui Zhou, Shang Ping Li, Xi Lai

Abstract: The size of small-scale sugarcane harvester is decided by installation position of the cutting device of it. In this paper , Several...

Authors: Jin Zhi Zhao, Yuan Tao Liu

Abstract: A framework for building network-based EDM CAPP system using intelligent technology to support organizations characterized by physically...


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