Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Guo Zhang, Lian Feng Gao, Ying Zhang, Yu Wang, Guo Yuan Shi, Chang Shui Liu

Abstract: Gas hydrate is a new energy in the 21st century with the characteristics of high energy density, huge amount of resources and cleaning. It...

Authors: Wei Dong Pan, Hong Bao Zhao, Sheng Li Yang

Abstract: It is an important research subject to realize safety and effective mining with the top-coal caving method in complicated geological...

Authors: Yu Shiang Wu, Tzuo Shing Yeh, Yuan Haun Lee, Yu Chi Lee

Abstract: Rate capability tests showed that artificial graphite after spheroidization treatment exhibited a higher capacity in the higher C-rate...

Authors: Ming Xin Lu, Ming Feng Lv, Ju Guang Wang, Min Li, Jie Zhao, Yong Yi Liu, Yang Zhao, Jing Wang

Abstract: The underlying way to reduce accidents is reducing the number of workers on the coal face. Automatic mining can realize this object. The key...

Authors: Gui Bin Tan, Shi Min Zhang, Xiao Xiao Zhu

Abstract: Foreign development regarding devices for speed regulating of in-pipe robot inspection has been commercially applied in gas pipeline this...

Authors: Xiao Dong Wu, Rui Dong Zhao, Zhang Hao, Tao Zhen, Su Lei

Abstract: Sucker rod pumping is a dominated artificial lift method for oil production engineering. In the production process, diagnosing the condition...

Authors: Yan Han, Xue Hui Zhao, Zhen Quan Bai, Bin Wei

Abstract: Through researched on corrosion factors and development progress of sour gas field in China, the development situation of sour gas field in...

Authors: Zhong Hao Zhao, Zeng Liang Li, Sheng Nan Lu

Abstract: Structure composition and working principle of hydraulic driven downhole twin-screw pump are firstly introduced, and the calculation method...

Authors: Zeng Liang Li, Sheng Nan Lu, Zhong Hao Zhao

Abstract: Helical axial multiphase pump is a new kind of pump which can pump and transport a mixture of oil, water and gas. The greatest advantage of...

Authors: Xiao Hong Liu, Chui Can Chen, Hong Dong Yu, Gui Dan Wei, Zhen De Tian

Abstract: design scheme of wind-magnetic water heater was proposed in this paper, based on the characteristics of wind energy and the principle of...


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