Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Chu Yu, Qiong Hu, Xiao Qing Lai, Xiang Song Xiao, Wan Qin Liu

Abstract: The multifunction evaluation system for coal-bed gas adsorption isothermal and pollution of drilling fluids is used for detecting the...

Authors: Fu Hong Zeng, Lan Hua Zhou, Ze Rong Li

Abstract: In order to get the total Degree of Engineering Changes for product family (EDCKBOM), which can help enterprise to select...

Authors: Zhi Hui Lu, Yue Bo, Wei Zhang

Abstract: The similarity theory and similarity criterion are applied to the series design of non-standard mechanical products. The series design...

Authors: Hong Guang Zhang, En Hua Wang, Ming Gao Ouyang, Bo Yuan Fan

Abstract: Energy saving and environment protection are two most important issues that today’s internal combustion engine industry must tackle with....

Authors: Yi Gang Kong, Hao Gu, Jie Wang, Zhi Xin Wang

Abstract: This paper reviews the principle of power production, and analyses the influnece on aerodynamic load and output power due to the variation...

Authors: San Bo Li

Abstract: The traditional motorcycle meters are driven by the separate motors, these devices are simple and easy to be controlled, stable performance,...

Authors: Hong Guang Zhang, Hong Liang, Xing Liu, Bin Liu, Yan Chen, Yu Ting Wu, Wei Wang, Kai Yang

Abstract: According to the analysis of heat balance, about 1/3 of the fuel combustion heat is taken away into the ambience by exhaust gas of diesel...

Authors: Guo Jun Hu, Han Qi, Wei Qiang Zhao

Abstract: The working principle of the adjustment device of the weaving density for the knitting machine is briefly introduced. Compared to the...

Authors: Qi Ping Chen, Hong Yu Shu, Chong Huai Shi

Abstract: According to the requirements of heavy commercial compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle to satisfy China’s rapid economic development, the...

Authors: Jian Wei Liu, Xin Yu Liu

Abstract: Combining the present condition of HS-WEDM technology, paper puts forward four projects to optimize machine, which involves optimization of...


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