Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Feng Wang, Jing Xie, Le Ren Tao, Yong Hong Wang, Xin Yu Yang

Abstract: The 2D axisymmetric, real gas model was developed to calculate the ejector in the ejector cooling system. The calculation of the real gas...

Authors: Bo Yan Xu, De Zhi Sun, Yun Liang Qi, Yong Wei Zheng, Hai Ying Tian, Shao Li Cai

Abstract: Center injection in pentroof combustion chamber can reduce wall wetting and unburned hydrocarbon emission in wall guided combustion system,...

Authors: Kun Shan Li, Xin Hua Wang, Wen Ming Wang

Abstract: According to the structural characteristics of non-ball mill, using the neural network theory to select and measure point, set the failure...

Authors: Jie Fei Xie, Xin Hua Li, Hong Zhang

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces a novel linear air conditioner compressor which is driven by the linear oscillatory motor with two divided...

Authors: Zhi Jiang Xie, Qin Liu, Xu Xu, Li Dan Zhou, Hong Yu Chu

Abstract: Inertial confinement fusion has been concerned in the year 1963. It was from the 1970s that China began to study inertial confinement fusion...

Authors: Bo Yan Xu, Hai Ying Tian, Jie Yang, De Zhi Sun, Shao Li Cai

Abstract: SNCR (Selective Non Catalytic Reduction) system is proposed, with 40% methylamine aqueous solution as reducing agent to reduce NOx in diesel...

Authors: Hai Lang Liu, Yi Zhi Wang

Abstract: This paper puts forward a new kind of bidirectional DC/DC topological structure which is used in technology of lithium batteries .It adopts...

Authors: Cheng Yi Hsu, Yu De Chiang, Yu Li Lin

Abstract: The task of this study is to find the optimal condition of designed High Concentration Reflected Photovoltaic (HCRPV) module by simulation...

Authors: Jun Li Liu, An Chao Zhang, Yan Yan Yan

Abstract: When the large equipments and structures are installed, the flange joint type is one quick way. But how to make the two flanges concentric...

Authors: Qing Ruo Xie, Yi Sun, Li Wen Zheng, Hu Qi Wang, Zhang Fa Tong

Abstract: A new experimental fluidized bed reactor was investigated and designed which has been widely utilized for fast pyrolysis under different...


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