Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Ling Song

Abstract: EXPRESS-to-XML mapping is an indispensable foundation in manufacturing network data transmission and share. Put forward and construct a...

Authors: Fei Tao, Ying Cheng, Lin Zhang, Yong Liang Luo, Lei Ren

Abstract: The concept of cloud manufacturing (CMfg) is discussed, as well as its core enabling technologies. A seven-phases running mode for CMfg was...

Authors: Lei Ren, Yong Liang Luo, Ya Bin Zhang

Abstract: Modern computer simulation system has developed towards the direction of large-scale and distributed computing pattern. The large-scale...

Authors: Chun Quan Li, Chun Yang Hu, Yan Wei Wang

Abstract: A method of virtualization technology of manufacturing resources was analyzed and designed in Cloud Manufacturing environment toward the new...

Authors: Yong Liang Luo, Lin Zhang, Dong Jing He, Lei Ren, Fei Tao

Abstract: Cloud manufacturing (CMfg) is a new service-oriented, highly efficient, lowly consumption knowledge based, and intelligent networked...

Authors: Gui Zhen Wang, Lin Feng, Yang Li, Ren Qiang Li

Abstract: After Sepharose-4B polymerbeads were activated by using epichlorohydrin, purified swine fever virus as a ligand were binded with them to...

Authors: Jin Ping Hu, Yan Li, Jing Chong Zhang

Abstract: Prediction of surface roughness is an important research for machining quality analysis. In order to predict surface roughness in machining,...

Authors: Wei Tsai Chang, Ying Chung Chen, Re Ching Lin, Kuo Sheng Kao, Jia Ming Jiang, Chun Hung Yang, Chien Chuan Cheng

Abstract: This paper reports a dual-mode film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) device combined with Au/Cr layer to construct a liquid sensor. In order...

Authors: Yu Feng Sun, De Jian Zhou, Qiang Zhao, Shao Hua Zhu

Abstract: This paper introduces the content included in two-dimensional quality information of the SMT solder joint and illustrates the basic...

Authors: Rui Li, Liang Jing Jing, Ming Ming He

Abstract: Biomass fast pyrolysis technology is one of most promising methods to utilize biomass resources, for its high production of pyrolysis liquid...


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