Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Hao Geng, Xi Tian Tian, Xiao Liang Jia

Abstract: To improve the accuracy of description and the clarity degree of guiding of aviation equipment maintenance job card, the method of...

Authors: Chien Chuan Cheng, Re Ching Lin, Wei Tsai Chang, Ying Chung Chen, Kuo Sheng Kao, Sin Liang Ou

Abstract: In this study, platinum (Pt) and zinc oxide (ZnO) had been adopted as electrode and piezoelectric layer of an FBAR sensor. Based on the...

Authors: Jun Hong Lin, Yi Jen Lin, Jui Chih Kuo, Ting Yu Chen, Wen Pei Sung

Abstract: The production of bacterial cellulose (BC) from Gluconacetobacter xylinus could be improved by the two-stage cultivation strategy. The jar...

Authors: Da Li Liu, Xiao Yu Zhao, Hai Guang Zhang, Yuan Yuan Liu, Qing Xi Hu

Abstract: When electrospinning has been used as a special technology of regenerative bone scaffold, for raising the efficiency of electrospinning and...

Authors: Xin Biao He, Yi Wei Mo

Abstract: Google Maps JavaScript API enable users calculate directions by using the DirectionsService object. With these directions results, a new...

Authors: Wu Yong Qian, Yao Guo Dang, Chen Yu Lin

Abstract: The existing evaluation models of enterprise informatization level are mostly static evaluation model. And they can’t meet the need of...

Authors: Ni Ya Lu, Fu Yun Liu, Tony Shay

Abstract: With the thorough application of Internet/Intranet in product data management field, system of product structure management based on Web has...

Authors: Jian Tao Chang, Yuan Ying Qiu, Shen Li

Abstract: With the rapid development of enterprise informationization, the application of decision support system has been the focus of interest of...

Authors: Fang Feng, Guo Jun Hu, Hui Pan

Abstract: This paper puts forward the top-down design of parts and products by using PRO/E-Based master part. This method can accord with requirements...

Authors: Yu Rong Zhang

Abstract: Tourism is the most dynamic and potential industry of the world. The information constrution of tourism enterprise can promote the...


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