Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Xing Yun, Jie Zhang

Abstract: In order to develop the process-oriented software, we put forward hierarchical colored Petri net (HCPN) to model business process. This...

Authors: Zai Liang Chen, Guang Ju Si, Chuan Yang Wang, Dian Li Wu

Abstract: The components of sheet metal FMS are abstracted corresponding eM-Plant object, the sheet metal FMS’s automatic guided vehicle system and...

Authors: Xu Mei Zhang, Na Li Shen, Xiao Ping Mao

Abstract: Considering the influence of distributor participation, collaborative knowledge innovation is studied by building the game model from the...

Authors: Yang Jian Ji, Kan Long, Guo Ning Qi

Abstract: In the multi-disciplinary design process of complex product, it is hard for designers to obtain designing knowledge timely and accurately...

Authors: Fang Feng, Hui Pan, Guo Jun Hu

Abstract: This paper adopts the method of PRO/E programs, relationships and parameters to conduct the parametric design process for various types of...

Authors: Jun Xing Xiong, Jin Ping Zhao, Hai Ning Tu

Abstract: Aiming at Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Minimal Makespan, This paper is designed to use genetic algorithm to solve the problem of job...

Authors: Xin Cai Kang, Dian Zhu Sun, Yang Shi, Yong Wei Sun

Abstract: To improve efficiency of NC tool path generation for triangular Bézier surface and solve the interference issues of tool path, we proposed...

Authors: Zhan Gao, Xiang Dong Liu, Qing Ming Huang

Abstract: Take VD furnace’s shell as research object, using ANSYS FEM study its stability character. The furnace body and cover’s 3D and FE model were...

Authors: Li Qing Chen, Lei Lu, Jia Qi Zhang, Ji Xian Wang

Abstract: The paper developed straw crusher intelligent design software based on UG software and Visual C++ software. Firstly, the frame structure and...

Authors: Chun Hua Sun, Zhu Wei, Li Li Yang

Abstract: Reverse engineering has been widely recognized as a central step in a product cycle of designing and manufacturing. However, major problems...


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