Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Heng Feng Yan, Jun Shao, Ji Min Chen

Abstract: This paper introduces a solution for laser scanning system, which utilizes machine vision technology. It includes algorithm for positioning...

Authors: Sheng Wei Yang, Zhen Liu, Zhi Juan Mao

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the existing VDP document making process and VDP page description formats, this paper proposes a SVG based...

Authors: Xin Yan Tang

Abstract: Using the elasticity and the singular integral equation method, an analysis of a bending cylinder containing inclusions is carried out. The...

Authors: Ming Chen, Rui Zhang, Ying Lei Li

Abstract: Because of their complex structures, diverse functions, and cross-correlation among subsystems, the fault of large-scale equipments occurs...

Authors: Ge Ning Xu, Wen Xiao Guo

Abstract: An index system for structure safety assessment was presented on the basis of analyzing and comparing of the domestic and foreign...

Authors: Nan Li, Bao Wei Song

Abstract: With the gradual development of the study of mechanical structure design to system-level, When the system is too complex, the traditional...

Authors: Bo Wang, Zhong Xi Hou, Xian Zhong Gao, Shang Qiu Shan

Abstract: This paper presents a simple but effective method for inertial parameter identification with symmetrical trifilar pendulum and inertial...

Authors: Xiang Zhen Yan, Bing Shao, Xiu Juan Yang, Tong Tao Wang

Abstract: Based on analysis of different guidelines and standards for material selection of casing which belong to six companies in four countries,...

Authors: Pei Wang, Ding Hua Zhang, Shan Li, Ming Wei Wang, Bing Chen

Abstract: In order to reduce the impact of data noise to quality control and make monitor results more precise in manufacturing process, the method of...

Authors: Yan Qin Zhao, Zhen Chong Wang, Cheng Zhi Jiang, Wei Lai Hao, Guo Quan Wang

Abstract: ID3 algorithm is a classic method in the classification of data mining, but it has several limits that the notable one is it can not deal...


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