Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Mei Zhang, Jie Tong, Min Zhao, Jia Rong Guo

Abstract: This analysis details manufacturers’ choices of self-service and outsourcing service modes, and the factors which influence manufacturers’...

Authors: Hao Ping Li, Zi Fan Fang, Ying Wang

Abstract: Based on analysis of the cargo selecting strategy of fixed shelf automated warehouse, the idea of path optimization is put forward and the...

Authors: Song Chen, Ye Zhuang Tian

Abstract: Nowadays, researchers’ study on DMI more focus on the influence of DMI to new products or new products development, Few focus on the...

Authors: Yu Guang Zhong, Li Jie Hang, Wei Min Shi

Abstract: The resource optimization of ship erection procedure is a classic NP-hard problem. Through analyzing the character about this problem, an...

Authors: Beom Seok Oh, Jaiil Park

Abstract: Kanban is the method for operation control as tools that decrease stocks. Kanban can control over stocks Just-In-Time which is effective...

Authors: Qiu Hong Jia, Yan Xiao, Yu Jie Gong, Kang Qu Zhou

Abstract: It studies the balance problems of cycle time of a flywheel production line in this paper. Based on the working time measured using lean...

Authors: Ru Ying Pang, Da Cheng Liu, Qiang Li

Abstract: In order to make response rapidly for customization demand and reduce the cost, this paper studied the due date strategies between MTS stage...

Authors: Hong Zhao, Xiao Min Yu, Shu Fang Bao

Abstract: From the packaging concept,this article analyzes the transportation of wine packaging, buffer, sales, etc,put forward measures to realize...

Authors: Teng Wen Chang, Sei Wo Winger Tseng

Abstract: Generative design system is a complex system that often focus on the technical and complex details thus away from building a system from the...

Authors: Bing Kuang, Li Zhi Xiao, Fu Yun Liu, Yong Hou Sun

Abstract: Product variant design is one of the key technologies of Manufacturing Enterprise for responding market demand. During the product variant...


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