Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Xu, Chun Xia Wang

Abstract: The interdependent relationship of fatigue stress and span was regarded as a grey system using grey system theory and method. The stress...

Authors: Bin Cheng

Abstract: Digital video camcorder is a kind of mechanical and electrical product that is easy to make misoperation. Chose green hand users as...

Authors: Xian Xu, Ying Yu, Yao Zhi Luo, Yan Bin Shen

Abstract: In this paper, a new method, so-called finite particle method, for form-finding of tensegrity systems is proposed. It models the analyzed...

Authors: Xiao An Yang, Qian Deng, Guang Long Sun, Bing Bing Wang

Abstract: In view of (Considering)the fuzziness of attribute information in process of scheme design for electromechanical product emphasizing both...

Authors: Sei Wo Winger Tseng, Teng Wen Chang, Ji Hong Lin

Abstract: A model of two thinking paths is developed in this article. Early researchers of computer aided for product design focused their attention...

Authors: Ping Liao, Su Yang Ma, Jing Feng Mao, Guo Qing Wu, An Dong Jiang

Abstract: The principle and characteristics of Fault-tolerant Permanent Magnet Synchronous Linear Motor are introduced. The design or computational...

Authors: Yi Dan Zhou, Qian Wang, Su Yang Ma

Abstract: According to the hot rolling technological requirements on the bearing-steel-ball blanks, an automated conveying system program was...

Authors: Kuang Ding, Hong Wu Zhu, Jin Ya Zhang, Xiang Ling Kong, Chuan Wang

Abstract: The challenges facing the subsea production system are becoming increasingly complex with hydrocarbon production moves into deep and even...

Authors: Xue Feng Zhang, Xue Wu Ji, Feng Gao

Abstract: The torque ripple of brushless dc (BLDC) motors at low rotation speeds is prominent, while in the majority of working time of the automotive...

Authors: Liang Yu Zhao, Xia Qing Zhang

Abstract: A practical flapping wing micro aerial vehicle should have ability to withstand stochastic deviations of flight velocities. The responses of...


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