Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Lv, Xue Dong Sun, Gang Wang, Ying Che

Abstract: With the features of large electromechanical products like high cost and limit quantity of manufacturing equipment, long processing cycle,...

Authors: Cai Xia Fan, Wei Zhong Wu

Abstract: Firstly, the idea put forward in this paper is Contemporary Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS) environment needs the In-Process Models...

Authors: Jian Ping Tian, Chun Hua Fu, Ai Hua Tang, Chang Fu Mi

Abstract: Aiming at the requirements of CAD/CAPP data and function integration, adopted modeling based on feature, the part model design is...

Authors: June Wen Chen, Hao Sheng Hsieh, Yi Hsien Chen, Shih Jui Wu, Li An Chiu

Abstract: Integrating the Hall sensors to the extremity balance system of exercise and rehabilitation bicycles was developed and examined in detail....

Authors: Sheng Chuo Zeng, Ren Wei, Xiao Ping Liao, Fa Hua Zhou

Abstract: This paper deeply studies the characteristics of process language and denotes the process operation language with predicate logic, in the...

Authors: Yang Yu, Xu Ji, Dong Wang, Feng Zhao, Jian Hua Tang

Abstract: Though analyzing the characters of the equipment management for process enterprise, there is a knowledge–based integrated equipment...

Authors: Zhi Hui Ge, Tao Shen Li, Lin Li

Abstract: In manufacturing grid, trust management is the core component, which is associated with resource sharing, role assignment etc. How to...

Authors: Yuan Li, Liang Dong, Jian Feng Yu, Kai Fu Zhang

Abstract: The 3D assembly process planning and simulation system can improve the product manufacturing level in airplane manufacturing enterprises,...

Authors: Hai Lang Liu, Rui Bin Zhang, Ping Yang

Abstract: The conventional PWM converter topologies limit the operation to lower switching frequencies because of the minimum ON-time of the...

Authors: Jin Song Shan, Rong Lin Hu

Abstract: Rapid manufacturing grid (RMG) is the application integration system of grid technologies on manufacturing, which can be used for...


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