Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Bo Cao, Zhi Wei Deng, Tie Gang Xiong

Abstract: Tooth broken, oil leaking and bearing burnt have influenced the original running of a 45T mining car which adopted one two-class gear...

Authors: Hai Gang Li, Jing Ping Si, Lu Han, Bao Wei Zhang

Abstract: Dump truck subframe is an important bearing components which is used for connecting the chassis frame and the cargo compartment, and the...

Authors: Ju Cai Chang, Qing Hua Chen

Abstract: In view of the problems existing in the present transportation ways of coal mine, a kind of new auxiliary haulage system has been designed,...

Authors: Dian Ting Liu, De Jian Zhou

Abstract: Aimed at resource-restrained project scheduling problem under uncertainty which is a hot research spot, a kind of real-time feedback...

Authors: Yan Hui Qie, Bo Liu, Xiu Hong Wang, Xiao Lei Li

Abstract: At present the study on the application of the topology optimum design in scraper conveyor is still under development. In this paper the...

Authors: Xiao Na Niu, Ying Sun, Chuan Hui Zhao, Shen Hang Yu

Abstract: The State Grid has proposed to construct a strong smart grid to solve the resource scarcity, environmental pollution and other social...

Authors: Tian Jian Li, Shi Jin Chen, Kai Cheng

Abstract: Numerical optimization method is increasingly applied into the design of machine tools so as to improve their performance. This paper...

Authors: Gen Fu Xiao, Guo Ping Liu

Abstract: The parameters are provided by meeting designing requirement and machining technology in traditional design of scroll profiles. This design...

Authors: Jian Su, Bing Gao

Abstract: Balance head is a key component of grinding wheel auto-balance device. The key issue is to design a balance head with high accuracy and...

Authors: Zhan Qi Hu, Yu Kun Li

Abstract: a new 4-axis machine tool, which is used to relief grind sphere gear hob including spherical hob, elliptic hob and arc surface hob, is...


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