Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: En Fu Liu, Xiao Yang Liu, Yi Xiang Fang, Zong Bin Li

Abstract: Based on the polychromatic sets theory, a relational model of cutting-tool choice was established, which was shown with a contour Boolean...

Authors: Liang Chen, Shu Guang Zhao, Li Juan Zhang, Li Qiang Zhang, Wen Bing Zhang

Abstract: Woven fabrics are used in a wide variety of products, and they are prized for their flexibility, formability, and high specific strength....

Authors: Yan Feng Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the study of numerical simulation method used in jet molding CAE major technology is carried out, including simulation of...

Authors: Fang Jie Ren, Shi Quan Zhou, Jian Li, Zhi Qian Wan, Yi Zhao, Yi Liu

Abstract: A CAD/ CAM system has been developed for turbine blade’s manufacturing based on the software of UG in accordance with a type of static blade...

Authors: Gan Wei Cai, Zhuan Zhang, Yu Chen Pan, Du Chao Wu, Xi Yong Xu

Abstract: A new type of excavator is introduced in this paper aiming at solving the problems the hydraulic excavator and traditional mechanical...

Authors: Hu Zhu, Nan Li, Zhi Jun Liu

Abstract: The method of laser inner engraving path generation and simulation for crystal glass is presented based on STL(Stereo Lithography) model. To...

Authors: Dong Ya Yang, Jun Gong

Abstract: This paper introduces a new, visualized approach for including all the geometric feature variations in the tolerance analysis of mechanical...

Authors: An Qi Wu, Hong Ying Yu, Dong Bai Sun

Abstract: Computer simulation is a new research approach for corrosion science. A simple model is proposed to describe uniform corrosion process which...

Authors: Ke She Wang, Huan Li Liu, Yu Xiang Xu

Abstract: Although TRIZ has obvious advantages over other current known innovative ways in the following aspects: high-efficiency, high degree of...

Authors: Mei Qiong Yu, Yan Yan, Jia Hao, Guo Xin Wang

Abstract: The tolerance analysis methods are usually used to test the result of product design and assembly; moreover the tolerance analysis also is a...


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