Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Feng Wang, Jing Xie, Le Ren Tao, Yong Hong Wang, Xin Yu Yang

Abstract: In order to study the juice cooling process after sterilization to obtain the accurate process and reduce the energy used in the cooling,...

Authors: Yan Jie Li, Bing Du, Nan Wei Li, Jie Liang, Gong Ming Yang

Abstract: Biofilm is the most common life phenomenon for microorganisms survived in the nature, which has been recognized in recent years. It is...

Authors: Lei Wang

Abstract: To improve accuracy of turbine blades by electrochemical machining (ECM), a new cathode’s feeding method was studied. The rational...

Authors: Ya Ting Zhang, Guang Heng Wang, Wei Zhao, An Ning Zhou

Abstract: The flow state of both the solid and gas phase in the fluidized-bed photo-oxidation reactor for Shenfu coal was studied by cold-model tests....

Authors: Pei Liang Qin, Ming Di Wang, Kang Min Zhong

Abstract: Compared with the traditional rigid pneumatic cylinder, the pneumatic muscle has many outstanding advantages such as large ratio between...

Authors: Shu Xian Liu, Li Li Shen, Jin Xia Zhang

Abstract: The grade of the crude hematite-limonite ore is 39.79%. The main metallic minerals are hematite-limonite. Hematite has disseminated...

Authors: Xin Guang Zhao, Chang Zheng Chen, Bo Zhou, Xin Hong Liu

Abstract: The monitoring about key components of large wind turbine is important, especially blade. Damages in the material of blade in large wind...

Authors: Quan Zhou, Yu Hou, Ru Gang Chen

Abstract: Foil bearing that has a soft surface is a kind of air bearing. The performances of foil bearings are greatly affected by the materials of...

Authors: Cheng Qi Wang, Zheng Liang Li, Zhi Tao Yan

Abstract: By means of wind tunnel tests on the sectional models of Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge, some important results are obtained, including...

Authors: Zhe Fu Li, Xiang Xin Xue, Tao Jiang, He Yang, Mi Zhou

Abstract: Three kinds of low cost shielding materials using boron-containing ores and epoxy as starting materials were developed. The three...


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