Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Miao Yi Deng, Fuen Li

Abstract: A method for continuous box-girder bridge structure finite element (FE) model updating based on static-load testing is proposed. The...

Authors: Xiao Yu Song, Huai You Li

Abstract: It can provide theoretical guidance for the prevention of soil erosion and planting structure adjustment to study on fractal characteristics...

Authors: Chong Gao, Hai Jie Ma, Pei Na Gao

Abstract: To improve the accuracy of load forecasting is the focus of the load forecasting. As the daily load by various environmental factors and...

Authors: Yuan Yong Hsu, Chuan Wen Lai

Abstract: A new boost converter without an inductor is proposed for a small-scale wind power generator system. Experiments were carried out to compare...

Authors: Jie Li, Qiao Mei Chen, Rong Ming Zhang, Wei Tong

Abstract: The novel anionic gemini surfactant, isodium salt of N, N’, N”- trilauroyl-diethylenetriamine diacetate(TDAD), was synthesized with...

Authors: Yi Miao Nie, Fu Sheng Niu, Shu Xian Liu

Abstract: For low-grade and fine disseminated grain size hematite, there is no good effect through traditional mineral separation. In this study,...

Authors: Di Li, Zhen Li, Yong Min Cao

Abstract: This paper demonstrates an energy-efficiency supervision and diagnostic system (ESDS) to illustrate problems that the buildings do not...

Authors: Wei Wei, Xin Hui Liu, Yan Li Chen

Abstract: In many fields’ rough-terrain vehicles, e.g., mineral exploration vehicles, military applications vehicles, vehicles that can move on rough...

Authors: Yong Huang, Yao Huang, Qiong Wu, Xiao Ming Du, Cheng Zhi Wang

Abstract: With consideration of the viscosity of semi-solid aluminum alloy slurry and the mold filling characteristics in die casting, the die-casting...

Authors: Xiao Feng Lu, Duo Liu, Yuan Qing Li

Abstract: In this paper, numerical simulation of a new type enhanced heat transfer burner was carried out by using the CFD commercial software FLUENT....


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