Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Tao Wang, Yan Yan Cui, Liang Huang

Abstract: Fluorescence optical-fiber temperature sensor based on Planck’s law is studied in this paper. Sapphire fiber is adopted as thermal probe....

Authors: Tian Hua Jiang, Jing Rong Peng

Abstract: Digital simulation of stochastic wind velocity field is prerequisite to flutter or buffeting analysis of long-span bridges in time-domain....

Authors: Hu Jie, Jia Quan Feng, Da Lin Chen

Abstract: This paper proposed some improvement measures of Genetic Programming (GP) in data fitting, including developed new ways of crossover and...

Authors: Qian Qian Wu, Jia Guo Ren

Abstract: We took the surface sediments of the Yellow River as the objects to study the adsorption characteristics of Cu and Pb in coastal sediments....

Authors: Jie Li, Xin Ping Ou Yang, Lian Jie Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces the working principle and components structure of a new kind rotary refrigeration compressor which receives the merits...

Authors: Chao Yong Deng, Zhen Yan Lin, Mao Lin Yang, Ben Jun Xu

Abstract: Used seven different aldehyde besides salicylaldehyde, respectively, reacted with the amino acid in the ethanol ratio of 1:1 has prepared...

Authors: Yan Zhao, Huan Ma

Abstract: The bore core method has used extensively in the field of asphalt pavement detection, maintains and final acceptance. Using the core’s...

Authors: Wen Xiang Wu, Zhong Qi Yu

Abstract: The formula of surfactant(QY-3、SHSA-HN6、SS) and polymer compound system, and the interfacial characteristics between oil and water of Henan...

Authors: Wen Xiang Wu, Deng Hui Mu, Qing Dong Liu

Abstract: In the reservoir condition of Liaohe oil field, the indoor physical simulation experiments of polymer / surfactant binary combination...

Authors: Cui Yu Li, Rui Wang

Abstract: The draping and buckling of knitted fabric is simulated based on the micro-mechanical constitutive model with full Lagrange finite element...


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