Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Liao, Ju Hua Huang, Qun Zeng

Abstract: According to the features of lithium ion battery packs, a distributed battery management system (BMS) for battery electric vehicle (BEV) is...

Authors: Li Cun Wang, Jin Chen, Shi Liu Li, Xu Dong Wang

Abstract: For the parrel bolt of Egongyan Yangtze River Bridge uses rust-proof paint which can easily come off, workers should often examine cable and...

Authors: Xiao Li, Zhi Bin Zhang, Xia Hong

Abstract: To improve the general performance of knee-joint rehabilitation trainer (KRT), an embedded control system for the KRT based on embedded...

Authors: Shou Wen Ji, Heng Liang Xia, Jia Ming Meng, Xiang Yu Han

Abstract: An evaluation index system for the coordinated development of the manufacturing and logistics industry (hereafter CDMLI) was established in...

Authors: Yao Yu, Xiao Ming Qian

Abstract: In this paper, we focus on the need for researching the performance of clothing materials. It chose the knitting fabric to be the object of...

Authors: Yong Qi Liu, Xiang Chun Chen, Rui Xiang Liu, Zhen Qiang Gao, Jing Tao Wang

Abstract: Large amount of methane is emitted into the atmosphere by mine ventilation and methane drainage systems each year. In this paper, a mixer is...

Authors: Li Li Zhao, Zhuo Ping Wu

Abstract: Teacher performance appraisal in college is important to stimulate teachers’ motivation and promote college development. Teacher is a...

Authors: Bao Jun Sun, Guang Yu Tan

Abstract: The thermal-mechanics coupling rule and analytic method of coupling based on principle of cellular automation (CA) have been put forward for...

Authors: Ying Xie

Abstract: Building energy consumption is a vital part of the total energy consumption in China, it is meaningful to predict the building energy...

Authors: Yuan Sheng Huang, Li Ming Yuan

Abstract: According to the national standard, this paper presents the evaluation indexes of power quality and the classifications of each index. The...


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